Some Useful Apps from The Escapers

The Escapers’ new vector drawing program, Biff, is currently on special offer at £14.99 in the App Store, and Lucid 2, their JavaScript tool is currently £16.99. The latter might be useful if you can’t find a stack to do exactly what you want.

@peterdanckwerts Have you used Biff? What’s your impression of it? How does it compare to other vector apps like Sketch, of Affinity Illustrator, or others?

Any impressions of Lucid and how it might add to the RW design experience?

@mathew No, I’m afraid I haven’t. I have Affinity Illustrator already, so I don’t intend to buy Biff. I’ve just been playing around with Lucid2 and I think it has some potential, although I don’t like ‘drag this to here’ workflow used in it and Flux.