Source 1.4.0 / Grid Plus Pro

Hi All,

A nice new update for Source has just been pushed out. You can see the release notes here.

Headline feature is a brand new stack: Grid Plus Pro! The heart of it is the same as Grid Plus but it is far more scalable (unlimited breakpoints) and offers a host of advanced options. This brings the Source Grid collection to 3 and, as such, I think that calls for a comparison table.

I’ve also put a new Grid Plus web page together to better showcase the kind of things that you can do with the stack. A very small demo project is available on the Knowledge Base page (more will follow!).

This update is free for all Source Addon owners and of course this new grid stack is also available to be used in any framework via the Source Grid Enabler stack!


p.s. Like with the latest Splider release, this version also adds in support for using the Source Grid stacks as layout options for the amazing new Poster 2 by @instacks!


Just curious: Why is Filter grid items part of the Plus but not of the Pro?

Grid Plus Pro is just completely focused on building grids using CSS Grid. I stripped out a few of the additional options from Plus (like the filter) as it didn’t really fit with that - and of course if people need a filter then they can still use the Plus version.

Is there a Video tutorial to show these new features?

Hi @hectorcam - no not as yet. I am planning new overview videos for all of the Source stacks very soon.

Grid Plus Pro uses the same basic concept/approach as the regular Grid Plus stack and there is a demo project available on the Knowledge Base.

Hi all,

Have managed to put a couple of videos together now so hopefully these give you a good idea what Grid Plus is all about. I recommend watching in this order:

Web page walkthrough

Web page walkthrough

Rapidweaver project walkthrough

Rapidweaver project walkthrough

Any questions let me know!


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I have a little better understanding now. But, I believe the area that has most of us stymied is the use of templating and fr. I found this somewhat helpfull in understanding it. I believe this is the “secrect sauce” for unleashing the power of this stack(s). I think some tutorials of the initial setup of a complex grid would be helpful to the css novices out there. I am still trying to grok the initial setup of the grid to achieve the end result.

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Yes - more videos / tutorials are definitely planned. There are a quite a few example projects worth dissecting too.

And I have a page on the Knowledge Base too about learning CSS grid. You do definitely benefit from understanding some of the basics of that.

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Also the Welcome to Source project file has a lot of good examples too.

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