Spacer Stack settings inactive

I’m using RW 8.6.1 and the Voyager pro theme.
Strange new problem with the basic Spacer Stack.
I can change the height settings but they won’t be effective in the page. On any page.
Whatever the chosen height, it remains the same in edit or preview mode.
I downloaded the Stack again, relaunched RW, with no improvement…
Thanks for your help !


Which spacer is the basic spacer you’re using? From Will Woodgate?
I just set it up and it works with a height of 240px (grey)
All choices work except Percentages.


exactly. Will Woodgate. I can enter whatever measure I wish, but it doesn’t affect the layout of the page, with settings either in pixels or cm.

Is Voyager Pro different from Voyager? I tested it in Voyager theme.
What if you try another theme? any different

You can download the Rule Stack from WW and give it a try
If you take the opacity slider down the line doesn’t show It acts as a spacer.

Thank you for the Rulestack suggestion.
It works fine.
I miss the clone function though, it is dull to repeat the adjustments for each new space in the page…and there are many spaces on many pages…
btw : I’m using Voyager pro.
I gave Spacer a try with another theme, it doesn’t work either.
Can’t understa

Sorry… I just remembered I could copy and paste Rulestack !
So that’s really fine.
Thanks for the tip !

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@Massilian Be very careful!

Copying and pasting a stack does NOT mean it behaves like a partial or a cloned stack.

The changes you make in one copy and pasted stack will not take effect in other stacks. This could cause you an insurmountable amount of extra work later on.

You do not want to be using RuleStack to put spacing in a page. It is not designed for that task. Spacer is the best tool for the job. Hence its name.

Spacer is an extremely simple stack. I don’t know why it has stopped working for you, when it works for everyone else. The stack has not received any updates for a couple of months.

A more sensible and level-headed approach to this problem is to simply contact the developer (me) and provide the project file and the theme:

This is really easy to do and will pretty-much guarantee you the outcome you want. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your support;

I don’t know what happened with Spacer

Going through all pages with a fine comb, I noticed that on one page , one Spacer was marked with a red dotted line around it.

Can’t tell you why, what was the issue, since it was pretty much the same as all the others in the page, but that seems to have blocked the usage of Spacer on all the project.

When I deleted it and replaced it. All went back to normal.

I understand you advice about cloning and the usage of Rulestack. I’m not familiar with space in % anyway…

The bad news for me is that I had already replaced all Spacers in the project with Rulestacks before solving the problem with Spacer.

So I am in the process of suppressing all Rulestacks now and replacing them with Spacer…

I guess that’s what being an amateur is all about : four times as much work as a pro and just a “good enough” result…

Anyway… that kept me busy today for a good while.



PastedGraphic-1 - copie.jpg

A red dotted line around any stack normally means the stack has become un-installed for some reason.

It might only be a temporary glitch (restarting RapidWeaver might fix this). Or you may have somehow unknowingly deleted the stack by accident. Reinstalling the stack and restarting RapidWeaver offers you the best chance of resolving this.

Percentile units of measurement are one of several different units available to use in Spacer. It’s what makes this stack so unique and powerful to use in modern web design.

Percentages only work if the Spacer stack is within an element with a fixed width applied - because the proportionate height is calculated from the width.

So if you had an element 680px wide and set Spacer to 20%, the space created would be 136px tall.

You also have many other units of measurement like viewport width (vw) and viewport height (vh) which are particularly useful in responsive web design.

If you like using the stack, don’t forget to review it on the community addons website or pay a small donation towards ongoing support and development.

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