Stack that adjust height based on view size?

(Bill Fleming) #1

I know I could use one column stack with padding then set it to when to hide the stack to adjust the height depending what view is it in.

Is there a stack that adjust the height like between a header and paragraph stack but have more flexible setting rather than inserting a 1 column stack ?

(Jason Bostick) #2

Some stacks allow you to apply a percent padding/margin as opposed to identifying a pixel amount. Many Big White Duck stacks have this. You could also use a spacer stack in between your headers/paragraphs. Stacks4Stacks has one that allows you to use a percentage (and I believe it has an option that allows a change in one spacer to change all the ones that follow (works in the same way a partial does). It’s free as well

(David) #3

Paddy stacks are handy for this:

[edit: Just wanted to mention that they are included free with all Webdeersign RapidTemplate projects.]

(Gary) #4

The original PADDY stack was just a simple vertical spacer that had a proportional setting and if you set it to 10% of screen height or 10% of screen width, you could create a spacer that occupied more space on large screens and less space on smaller screens. What made it a more useful tool was that you could see it in a layout in RW Edit mode, and with the additional option to display the spacer settings in the Edit window, it turned out to be far more useful than expected. You could see what it did without needing to click on the stack, and then examine the stacks settings. It is one of those proverbial tins that says SPACER on the tin. Also once you got the initial spacing sorted out you could copy the stack throughout your site to maintain the same spacing. Will’s S4S Utility stack is much more clever when used as a spacer stack.

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