Speech Bubble style for presenting Bios

Hi Everyone…

I have an idea for a page on a website. I want members of a club to be able to say a little about them selves. The idea is to have a little pen picture with a speech bubble that might contain 5 or 6 lines about their hobbies etc. Its an opportunity for members to get to know and understand each other a little better. Can anyone suggest a cool way to do this?

Thanks in anticipation.


I’m not sure what you mean by a “cool way” to do this. But there are a variety of ways to accomplish this depending on your exact needs.

They key is: Do you have a membership login already set up? (e.g. Sitelok).

If you have a formal membership system in place then you can probably accomplish what you want depending on the specific features offered by that system. For example, Sitelok has an extra plugin for SSO to Disqus. Thus you could easily create a page, or portion of a page, where folks make these contributions via Disqus. (Their contributions will be “private” and they’ll assume the name given to them by Sitelok.) They can also add a personalized avatar via Sitelok’s Blab plugin.

If you have a CMS in place (e.g Armadillo) then you can set things up so each member gets a dedicated stack area on a page that they can tweak.

But I’m not sure if you are starting with membership software, a CMS, both, or neither. Nor do I even want to guess at what another person means by “cool” (e.g. some people thought Lionel Ritchie was cool: an unfathomable and incomprehensible thought.)

Thank you Matthew…I understood very little of your post.

I just want a different way to display extra details about people…Forget them being involved…Juts the appearance of a picture and some extra facts…I thought a speech bubble high be cute.


@webdeer didn’t you have some version of this on your teaser site (before your first project was launched)?

Also, I bet you could use ‘Points’ by Joe Workman or HotSpot Pro by Stacks 4 Stacks to do this.


Yes there are a few things in the works. The Template2 Timeline ( http://www.webdeersign.com/demos/ ) might work quite nicely using an image of each person on one side of the line and a short BIO on the other side. The BIO and Image contents could easily be handled with Easy or TotalCMS. The techniques in Project1 could be used for the small pen image.

The StandOut stack might come closer towards what you want to acheive:

“perfect to use for personal bio’s”

There’s quite a few options if you are going to do it yourself: I thought you wanted the members themselves to have the ability to create/add these profiles. All of the suggestions above may work well for you, plus there are several more options out there.

Perhaps what will guide your decision of approach is how many profiles you plan on providing. A solution that will work amazingly well for 6 members may not be the best solution when providing profiles for 60 members.