Log in Stack used at this form page

(Monica Sayegh) #1

Do you know the stack’s name andy by whom used at this form page? attached snapshot? thanks

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

I don’t think the community site was built using any stacks. @ben would know the platform used.

What is it that you are looking to achieve? There are a number of login stacks out there and at least one more to be released soon.

(Monica Sayegh) #3

Thanks Brandon, yes I am looking for a client log in stack! any idea when the new one will be released.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #4

Do you need an membership site or just lock down a page for security/privacy?

(Monica Sayegh) #5

A membership site! that’s I am looking for thanks!

(scott williams) #6

Look at sitelok http://www.vibralogix.com/sitelokpw/.

I hear joeworkman is making a stack for it but it’s easy to do as is

(Monica Sayegh) #7

thanks @swilliam , I will check it out!

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #8

@joeworkman will be releasing some stacks for Sitelok in the near future.

(Mathew Mitchell) #9

While it’s great that Joe will be releasing some Sitelok stacks, nonetheless a person still needs to purchase Sitelok itself. First domain used on is $40, but only $20 when used on additional domains. One of the best web design buys I’ve every made. Fantastic tool for handling all sorts of memberships.

Inserting the code on RW pages for Sitelok to work correctly is pretty darn simple. But I’m sure some will appreciate Joe’s upcoming stacks for making the task a bit more simple again.

(Monica Sayegh) #10

Thanks @Mathew! will checked it out.

(Dave) #11

+1 for everything @Mathew said. In addition, the owner (Adrian) is active on these boards ( @vibralogix ) and has a fantastic attitude towards helping us after a sale. I highly, highly recommend Sitelok for a membership site.

(Monica Sayegh) #12

Thanks @dave. Sitelok looks promising!

(Peter Danckwerts) #13

SiteLok: I’ve never come across anything which can do so much but is so easy to set up.

(Monica Sayegh) #14

Thanks @peterdanckwerts for your recommendation!

(Monica Sayegh) #15

Hi all, back to questions??

Reference to my previous question here above, would Sitelok could do what I am looking for in terms for a Page Log In?. Please have a look at my client site which I am re-design for him to see what I am looking for to achieve: http://www.mcabee.com/NewLoginRequest

Also I am looking for an easy stack for live Chat. any recommendations …Thanks!

(scott williams) #16

Sitelock can definitely give you the login you need and restrict access at different levels.

(Monica Sayegh) #17

Thanks @swilliam will test it today!