Split theme questions

I’m just cutting across to the Split theme but I’m having a couple of bits of trouble.

  1. In the example site it says “SPLIT” in the top left corner. In my site it says nothing. I can’t see an option to change that. Is there on?

  2. My site title, in the middle of the banner, is ALL CAPS - which I really don’t like. This is being forced somewhere because the site title isn’t ALL CAPS. How do I change that?




I just noticed all the menus are ALL CAPS - and I like that even less.

Can this be changed?

  • might be a deal breaker for Split and Me

These posts should be helpful for #1. The “Split” title is actually an image:


And these may help for #2:

#intro h1 {
	text-transform: none !important;

.main-nav a {
	text-transform: none !important;

You can put them in the site-wide CSS settings.

There have been quite a few posts about customizing the Split theme, so don’t hesitate to search the forum. :wink:


Hi @allankellynet

@thang has provided the css you need to change the capitalisation styling that you do not approve of. As far as I can tell the advice given on your first question is also bang on: its a logo. Thank you @thang :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and that you can get what you need out of the free Split theme. Its amazing how popular that theme seems to be even now. If you need any help or have any interest in any other yuzoolthemes products don’t hesitate to open a ticket and let us know.




Thanks, thats sorted me.
And thanks Stuart, I might come back to you on that


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Hi there,

I have been enjoying this theme for my main site for a couple of years now, but I was wondering something.
How can I incorporate a captcha (or similar) in the contact form?
It’s a main way potential clients can contact me (so I don’t want my spam settings too aggressive) but I am also getting spam through this contact form as well…
Do you have any advice?
Thanks :slight_smile: