Split Theme - Banner is not Phone Responsive

I am using a split them on our Tax Website with Stacks.


The Banner is not responsive to phone screens.

From Inspector to stack page, far right, at the bottom it say’s “Responsive” I have tried those settings a few times and it changed the Desktop view to very small.

What am I missing?

Any help appreciated.


Not seeing what you are seeing, or don’t understand what you’re saying. The banner and navigation seem like it shrinks down and at about 767px the navigation changes to the mobile hamburger style.
Your content below (the 3 columns stack) doesn’t work well.
Looks like your using the column stack the came with stacks. Might want to checkout switching to a responsive style column stack.


It wont be. Split theme is designed to have a background image that does adjust to some extent but does not fully scale down to a smaller image of exactly the same proportions. There are several themes which take this approach - I can’t recall why but there are technical reasons.

You either need to be careful which theme you use or alternatively use a blank theme such as Foundry / foundation where you create your own header using an image stack.

There is another important issue here however. You have put ALL of your key information text into an image and this is bad for both search engines and user experience as users can’t ‘click to call’ or copy the text.

If you keep with the Split theme, try adding maybe an abstract image and use the text area supplied for a main title / sub title as appropriate. You should then add other info like address and phone numbers as text below, ideally in a 2 or 3 column stack so it behaves well on mobiles.

Do shout if you need further help.

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Just to add - you can see what I mean with a site I have under construction using the split theme: alanmurphy.uk. The banner image on portrait oriented phone screen is quite restricted but this doesn’t matter as it still shows the most important part of the image. If you look in landscape mode, the entire image returns. The problem you have is that you need ALL the info in your image to be visible at all screen sizes.

Thank You for your unput.

  • I can start all over with something like Foundry
  • Or I can have the banner remade to center the information and possibly make it smaller so it will be visible on all devises.

I will probably have questions when I download the stacks. I thought I bought the new column stack - and it was loaded. I’ve screwed my macbook directory up and I can’t get to all of my files. Yay me.



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