SQL Database Driven products website


Im looking for a stack for a products website that will be database driven from an SQL database.

We have over 500 products (Ceramic Tiles) and will have technical specifications, images and stock levels written to the database from our customer management software.

I have looked at Kuler Solutions SQL stack but not sure if will work for us.

Im currently developing the site in Joe Workmans Foundation and my boss has now thrown this at me and I am way over my head with this stuff and have no idea where to start.

Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing before? I would love to be pointed in the right direction.

Try Rapid Cart Pro. It’s One Stop Shop for displaying products, Database management and Payment.


I have rapidcart pro and find it fantastic but need something a little more customisable as far as layout goes this time.

In a similar boat. Did you find something that worked for you dantheman?

Perhaps this will help:

It just might do the trick. As long as it’s customizable, which it appears it is. Thanks for the tip.

No i didn’t get any further but that link that koles put up looks interesting

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