Help ! .. setting up a database .. eeeek bananas!

Hi Weavers !

Hi There

I wander if anyone can help me

I am busy building a website that will link workers and companies similar to this one
( )

though i would like it to have the option of a map with the companies to work at like this one
( )

Are there any stacks or products allow me to do this ?

What i would like to do is have two sections …

  1. Workers list … with there details and then company can rate then afterwards.
  2. Companies to work at … with there details and location on a map and then workers can rate then afterwards.

Both will pay a tiny fee to be allowed access.
Do you think rapid cart or an online shop can do this ? or is that just draft to think ?

Do you know what the best way / stack / plugin / theme… is to use in Rapid Weaver to build such a site ?

Byron Moriarty

Sequel Pro is an excellent free app for setting up MySQL databases remotely.

Once you have set up the the databases, Kuler’s SQL stacks are very easy to use. Control Access with SiteLok.

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Is this the only way ? … it sounds scary !

No it’s not the only way. But it’s one option. Depending on the host service you use they probably have an easy way to create mySQL databases via their Cpanel. I know Chillidog and some others make this super simple. The only “tricky” thing is you need to store relevant info (database name, database password, etc.) somewhere secure for future reference. But that’s true for every credit card as well.

I haven’t used Kuler’s SQL stack myself, but it seems to be a very reasonable option given what you want to accomplish.

You may also want to have a look at Drupal CMS. But you might be even more scared as Drupal is a full blown System with a steep (and I mean steep) learning curve.