SSL and Cloudflare


Considering Cloudflare, but I have two scenarios I’d like some advice with, if any of you can find the time.

  1. My site is SSL secure using a certificate issued by GeoTrust. Can I use the free Cloudflare option and still use the SSL on my site? If so, what are the SSL settings on Cloudflare to make this work?

  2. A second site which is not SSL. It’s got Moodle on it and I can’t make it SSL at the moment for a variety of legacy Moodle-related issues (mostly uploaded resources which have hard-coded links and would break, making for a lot of angry colleagues). If I went through Cloudflare, would it force SSL on me, and if so, would that break these links? What would be the optimum settings?

As always, I really appreciate the help you folk give.



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