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Can anyone advise why after setting up cloudflare for SSL on the site It will not work
The site is registered by namesco and hosted by littleoak, because littleoak will not register addresses.
I changed the DNS at and cloudflare says it is active.
However there is no certificate and no padlock on chrome and it states the site is not secure.
Is the issue caused by a different registrar to host?
I don’t want to spend money on SSL as the Solicitor’s firm the site is for are making noises about a new site etc, though they have for over a year and I don’t want additional costs that I may not be able to recoup.
Again the hosting is with Littleoak and the hosting was renewed in May.
I understand Littleoak does not support the free Encrypt certificates (can anyone advise if that information is wrong). Littleoak has provided me with ‘certificate requests’ for the site to take to a provider.
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Because a cloud flare SSL certificate is not what you think it is.

Their SSL cert only covers the connection between your visitor and cloudflares servers/service, the connection between your site and cloudflare is not covered by it. Hence why it is not showing as secure, because the whole connection isn’t secure, only part of it.

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It’s showing as encrypted to me (Safari + Firefox).

There are two other settings in the CloudFlare crypto dashboard you should enable. Between these two settings, all of your visitors should get the secure site served to them:


Thank you to those who have replied.
Very generous of you to give your time.
I have noticed that it is showing up now with a padlock.
Thank you for your help.
Best wishes,

Want to make sure folks don’t misunderstand CloudFlare SSL. If you’re installed CloudFlare and followed instructions @chet outlined the browser will show the padlock. The browser has no way to know that the connection between CloudFlare and your server might not be secure.

Now if you don’t have a certificate on your server you running what CloudFlare calls flexible SSL not full or strict mode:


Hi Doug, I realise we have the same conversation going on in my thread, but can you explain to me what is the actual purpose of having a Cloudflare option to show the padlock if it doesn’t actually secure the site?

I answer you on the other post.

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Thanks @teefers for the full explanation and clarification.

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