SSL installed and Rapid cart emptying on checkout

Does anyone on here have experience of the following:
on rapidweaver 7.5.6 using rapidcart pro 4.15

I’ve had my e-commerce site working ok for a few weeks. Had a bit of a hiccup getting it working again after trying to install an SSL certificate but thought it was running ok again… until recently when i had an email from a customer saying they couldn’t buy my products because when they went to the checkout, it said “your basket is empty”.

Having tested it again myself, I am now finding that if you view a product and add it to the cart, that bit works but as soon as you navigate away from the page, (either to view another product or to go to checkout) the cart is emptying itself. Does anyone know if I have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere which his causing the cart not to save when you leave the page?

These problems all seem to have occurred since the SSL certificate was applied. I have been in touch with my hosting service as it was suggested to me that the PHP configuration in my .htaccess file might need looking at and they tell me that it is all fine at their end.
I don’t really understand the coding side of things hence why i use a the rapidweaver WYSIWYG style interface but any advice would be gratefully received. Even if I don’t understand some of the technical stuff I can at least send those questions to my hosting or to rapidcart support.

RapidCart Pro relies on PHP sessions to temporary store cart content. If cart is empty when you change page or simply refresh, it means that PHP sessions are not correctly configured.
Please report the problem to your hosting provider.

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