Please help. Rapidcart pro doesn't work. Is it a mistake - bye Rapidweaver products?


I posted online shop at the I do not why but while you not wisite a cart your add to cart button doesn.t work.

any ideas how to fix it? Please help. This is not a first time of problem with rapidcart

Came to thing that buying the rapidweaver and rapidcart is a big mistake.
three weeks I spent a time in attempts to make online shop. I do not add anything in the last version which docked at the FTP - this is websitwe from box, and what we see: add to cart do not work.

I’ve just tried adding something to the cart on your site and it worked. However, I’ve had the same problem in the past. A combination of republishing the project and emptying the browser cache seemed to solve it.

Rapidcart support has been disappointing for at least 6 months. They disappear for months and suddenly reappear randomly.

Someone it takes to add and some not. Randomly. Problem is that it must works clockwork, which we can’t see.
Cashe not with it - webpage doesn’t work on my smartphone where i never been

When you go to cart and after that try to add something - it works.
Question is what cart page adds in cashe?

Yes, I just tried on my phone and it doesn’t work.

One thing you should try is make sure that you have the same url settings in your project and Rapidcart. If you’re using https:www. make sure those settings are consistent throughout your project and Rapidcart. Also make sure that it redirects to the www. version.

Have you also set Rapidcart to “force https protocol”?

sure. add to cart works only when you come to the product page

Nobody here don’t know what send product page and here?

Problem was in .htaccess file. You could say it less expressive. Thanks anyway.

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