RapidCart Pro 4 basket

I’ve been trying to find information as to why my products are not showing in my RapidCart basket.
I’ve gone through the manual word by word and can not figure it out.

There doesn’t seem to be a way of contacting Foreground, so quite disappointed as I’ve just paid to upgrade it.

The page I’m having trouble with is wattsupperformance.com/shop/shop.php

I don’t know about contacting Foreground, other than tagging them here:
@rob @gibo.

I think a bit more information would be needed. Perhaps a URL to a page, or what you have done so far?


RapidCart Pro relies on PHP sessions to temporary store cart content. If cart is empty when you change page or simply refresh, it means that PHP sessions are not correctly configured.

Please report the problem to your hosting provider.

The way to contact Foreground is written in the first line of the first page in documentation.


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