Multilode and SSL (Via Cloudflare)

So heres a thing!

I use Multilode from Multithemes on a few websites. Recently I instigated using Cloudflare to put SSL on the site without the need for an expensive certificate. Yep, I’m a cheapskate!

Now, I have had a customer contact me, as when they are using an iPhone. The menu system no longer works?

the website is

I did have this problem before when I was setting up another website that had SSL (a proper certificate), and had to eventually move to another theme.

I’m guessing it might be because of some of the java used? Any suggestions would be really useful as its a commerce site, and with Goggles impending big brother security alerts in June, I need to get this working.

SSL is not my strong point!


@MultiThemes tagging

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There are errors on the console for mixed active content. Browsers will block all of these from loading. All
jquery and google fonts have been blocked:

A significant theme error. Loading things like fonts CSS or JavaScript libraries with HTTP and not HTTPS. Jquery and Google fonts have been available with HTTPS calls for years.

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Might want to fill out a support request with him as well.
Bottom of page

Thanks Doug, have just sent them a message (using the correct email address not the one they haven’t fixed on the website!:joy:)

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Hi @SimonPalmer , we’ve updated all external links to HTTPS in this theme time ago, I’ve sent an email with further details and a new link.

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Hope you fixed the support link at the bottom of the website as well.

I have the same Problem with the Strata Theme from Nick Cates. Support request is sent yesterday.40)

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Don’t know if it’s been updated yet, don’t know if he’s got away to check what latest release is.

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