Paypal set up with RapidCart Pro


We are in a complete loop with trying to set PayPal up. We don’t want to do Stripe because of the need for Certificates etc.

We are in Paypal trying to set up a Paypal business account and have selected the PayPal API for a Pre-built payment solution (assuming this to be RapidCart Pro)

We have chosen Manage API Permissions. We are presented with 2 Options

Option 1: Add or Edit API Permissions
This gives us “Add a Third Party” - no idea if this is what is needed???
Option 2: View API Permissions
This gives “View API Signature” - which presents username/password and signature

If we are in the right place - what Option should it be…Option 2 only gives you a “Done” or “Remove” button, which we presume is not what is needed

Our question is what do we do now as we seem to be in a loop trying to create a Paypal business account…we have the Client Id and Secret Code for putting into Rapidcart - but only for a Sandbox. Live version says it needs the Business Account setting up first!

Did you know that from this month Google Chrome will start warning users that any kind of user inputted data (contact forms etc.) is unsafe on a http connection?. This kind of security warning a user sees could put them off even using a simple contact form.

So it becomes a question of when you install an SSL certificate, not if.

Ok, so are you suggesting to use Stripe and scrap Paypal?

I personally use Stripe and I never use PayPal. Stripe is a bit cheaper too.

However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use PayPal, but rather if you’re avoiding Stripe because of the need for an SSL certificate, all sites should now be using SSL (https) regardless of which cart you use.

Google is now going to prefer SSL sites over non-SSL sites, plus users will start seeing security warnings on non-SSL sites soon.

Any good web host will offer free SSL certificates. If yours doesn’t, I would recommend finding one that does.

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Ok, thanks for the info @NeilUK It’s very much appreciated.
I’ll look into the whole Stripe thing again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

BTW, Stripe is as easy as PayPal to set up. You just need the “live” key/s, and there are some test keys you can use to check everything is working.

The only downside to Stripe is they take 7 days to pay into your bank account.

Yes, the 7 day thing was one of the reasons that put me off. But, I’ll certainly give it another go.