Rapidcart Pro payments processors

Thanks for your time.
RapidCart Pro is a great pluging I do believe it but I am concerned about the payment processors. I mean in order to process credits cards you have to chose Stripe or Mollie.
As Stripe transaction are completely handled on my web site so I need a SSL/TLS certificate and HTTPS protocol when accepting Stripe payments. Am I right? It sound sort of make things more complex or even expensive.
Since I live in Spain I could, in theory, I could use Mollie, and I won´t need so badly SSL and HTTPS.Is it that way?
So the question is How do you manage your store payments? May I guess all of you work with Stripe and SLL certificates?
Could anyone please give some advise?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Pablo,

Some web hosting companies like Chillidog* have an option in the control panel marked Let’s Encrypt. In a couple of clicks, that will generate and apply a FREE security certicate to your website, using the Let’s Encrypt service:

Completely free and the certificates renew automatically. I believe they are the type of certificates supported by Stripe and Mollie etc. Very easy to setup. So speak with your hosting company to ask if this is something they will support for you.

Also don’t forget that PayPal does let customers checkout as a guest - without needing a PayPal account. They can use a credit or debit card. When you go to the PayPal website it is shown as an option:

Using PayPal means the transaction is completed on the PayPal website - not your website. Therefore no complicated configuration or modifications are required to your server or website to support PayPal.


Thanks you Will, for your fast answer.
And good news because Chillidog is my web hosting company. Once more, Greg is making things easier.
Then I need to compare Stripe and Mollie service. I think both companies have similar fees so it will be another service - easy to configure, api… - what makes the difference between companies.
I would like to offer to my customers a payment process as seamless as it could be. Do you know which one of both seems more seamless or easy for customers? Or Rapidcart Pro doesn’t show any difference regardless the payments company.

Mollie is for Dutch only.
If you want to seamlessly integrate credit card payment into your website Stripe is the choice.
HTTPS and TLS/SSL Certificate are not required but are highly recommended for PCI compliance.

Thank you Roberto.
I take your advice.
If this is a regular formula that work, it fits me.
Although I guess Mollie, as a business, should work with European Union as a market, maybe its just in theory and it’s not a real option actually.