Doobox Jet Stack Covers Nav Menu Dropdown

I’ve written to Gary at Doobox a few times about this, but no response so far. I think he was away for a while. I’m hoping someone here can suggest a fix so I can proceed with my site development. Look at this page and see what happens when you evoke one of the nav menu drop downs. They go under the buttons inside the Jet stack.

Here’s a similar page that does not have the buttons inside the Jet stack:

I don’t have Jet but is there a z-index setting that you can play with (i.e. decrease)? Or on your menu, is there a z-index setting that you could increase?

(Also, Doobox has a Slack channel as well and he’s pretty active on there)

I worte to him there too.


Try adding this to the global CSS container:

.uk_co_doobox_doojet_stack {
    z-index: 10 !important;

There very well may be alternative ways to solve this issue, but that should work until you hear back.

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Thanks @kryten, that works. I’ll let Gary know I added the CSS.