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The company uses for their CRM and lead management. They have asked about integrating their customer experience with the website. Does anyone make a stack for this or point me in the right direction?


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That’s a bit few information. Integrating a whole CRM
system into “the website”… Do you have some clearer ideas?

I doubt somebody’s making a general available Stack for this purpose. Sounds more like a custom development.

After a quote request or contact form is filled out the data needs to be sent to Salesforce as a lead generation (API). Inside Salesforce, there are rules that route the lead to the proper sales people.

It should be really easy to create a web to lead form in salesforce.
An administrator simply defines the field mappings in CRM and can generate a HTML form that is embedded into your rapidweaver page using the HTML stack…

All the code is generated by salesforce and you can also choose the success url, auto response and rules.

I develop with a competitive CRM product now, but it used to be set via
Setup > App Setup > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead