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I am developing a website with RW/Stack/Foundry and I work with ConstantContact as my email marketing platform. Does anybody know of a way to set up forms in my RW website that can fully integrate with ConstantContact? In other words, I would like for the contact information (generated by prospects filling out the website forms) to be fed automatically to my ConstantContact email lists (databases). Does anybody know how to do that?

ConstantContact tells me I would need to use their API code in the form app - but not all form apps allow for that AND can be used in a RW/Stacks environment. The ConstantContact forms cannot be placed in a Stack and the Foundry forms are not built to integrate with anything.

Thanks for your help!


The constant contact form widget code should work, out it in a html stack.

That worked! Well, sort of, as the form is showing things it should not but that is a ConstantContact code issue. Thank you so much.

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