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Hello community,

Almost a decade has passed since the last website I created using RapidWeaver 4 or 5 I don’t remember. I need to create a new website and I am considering using again RapidWeaver, since I was very happy the last time I used it.

  1. I have lots of paid plugins like stacks, blocks, simple columns stack, simple definitions stack, accordion and others I need to dig in. Are you aware of any upgrade options available to update all this old components ?

  2. I need to create online forms, which on submission I need to create a record in a FileMaker database, using the Data API call. Will this be as easy as i.e. JotForm or I need to create custom code to make the call ?

  3. Whats the most malleable theme to be used nowadays ? back in the time I purchased several themes, but I ended up using a free theme which was offering endless opportunities of customization.

  4. Does the RapidWeaver eCommerce store have an API cURL compatible to sync products between website and FileMaker database ?

Thanks for the insights !

Don’t know of anything that uses a FileMaker database. Formloom(and others) will write to a mySQL table.

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Works just like any other RESTful API

Joe Workman’s Foundation (theme and stacks) has a Foundation form stack that can write to a Mysql database but, it can also send the info to a POST process. So put your RESTful API calls into a php file and use the POST process option on a foundation form to execute that file, and there you go.

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I would build a MySQL PHP solution to gather the data. Then use an ODBC connection from Filemaker to MySql on the server and mount the MySQL Tables in Filemaker.

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