New to RapidWeaver (v 7.04) and want to display data in a simple spreadsheet

I’m coming over from an old version of Dreamweaver which I often made simple spreadsheets to place data inside so that it displayed nicely. Nothing fancy… attached is an image of one.
How can I accomplish this in RW?

If you have the Stacks plugin, you could use either Joe Workman’s Power Grid or Power Grid CSV stacks. There are other stacks out there as well.

Hi Warren

There are a few Stacks which can do this on the community page. If you have a CSV, excel file or use Google Spreadsheets, you can also use a Stack of mine called Grid Iron



Gris iron is what you want, it’s super flexible and works really well.

If you use gdocs you can use Pluskit to import. If you use this method you can make changes to the spreadsheet in gdocs and the changes will update on your site without having to have immediate access to RW.

Does the power grid stack support pictures?