Stack not showing up in Stacks Library

This is the first time I’ve seen this anomaly. I bought the Social Stream Stack and downloaded it. When I double-click on the stack icon, it says the usual stuff about installing and restarting RW. I do that but when I look for the social stream stack (by scanning my list of stacks or by teaching for it), it is not there.

If I go through the process again, I’m told that it is already installed - BUT WHERE IS IT?

Anyone else have this problem? I am updated on RW (7.5.5) and Stacks (3.6.0). The Social Stream Stack does not appear in the Add-ons list either. I emailed rapid-ideas support weeks ago and have had no reply.

Thanks for any help on this


Try dragging the stack onto the RapidWeaver icon instead of double clicking it.


@teefers By golly, that did it! Thank you so much for your infinite wisdom, Doug. Now I can get to work.


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