Stacks not appearing after inatll in RW 7?


This is really strange but ever since upgrading to RW 7 when I install a stack it does not appear in the list within RW to use it however when I double click to reinstall it I get the message saying it’s arelady there? Could it be becase I made a copy of my older versions of RW and put in a folder before updating that this is causing the issue? and How does wone rectify the situation? Right now I am trying to install Nick Cates Marvel Split Stack and it not showing up. I do have Stacks 3 which I know it requires. I am running RW 7.5.5 if that helps


Might want to check this post out:

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I think the best thing to do would be to have a close look through your RapidWeaver addon folder to see if there’s anyting strange happening there.

Check for multiple copies of things, that things are in the right places, that you only have one RapidWeaver addons folder and one copy of RapidWeaver and one copy of Stacks installed.

If everything seems in order, send an email over to our support folks and let them know any other details that you discover and we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it.


Thanks Isaiah…I suspect something like that maybe going on and that the it is being istalled. As A wrloaround I dragged the stack into the folder and it worked (showing up in RW 7) so something tells me when I let the installer do it’s thing it’s sending it to another location which then would support why I get the message "It’s aready there even though it not sjowing up within Rapidwaever.

Do you happen to know where the Rapidwaever addon Folder resides so I can look for duplciate folders?

Hold down the Option key and choose the menu:

View > Reveal Addons Folder

or Command-Option-7

This will open up the addons folder no matter where it is located – which can be one of a number of places based on if you have the Mac App Store version or the regular download or if you’ve customized the location.

And of course, make sure that you check for multiple versions of RapidWeaver itself. If the version that is launching when you try to install addons is a different version then it may be installing plugins in some different location.

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