Stack to show a detail of a photo

I am searching for a stack similar to the FancyViewer (S4S) stack. There is a beautiful photo displayed on the page but you can’t see a particular detail.
So I am looking for a stack that will display a second image after clicking the initial photo. Problem might be that the second image should use the max possible window size. But not more.

What kind of stacks can do this?

Something like this?

Not exactly what I am looking for: I have two photos at hand and the particular one with the detail wouldn’t be pronounced enough with the loupe. But I will consider this stack - just in case.

I would recommend checking some stuff from @willwood, one of his stacks would probably work for you:


Based on your description, I imagine something like Amazon does, whereby you mouseover a thumbnail image, and an expanded image displays alongside?

@barchard used to have a stack available that did something similar. I think it was called Image Expander and was derived from this plugin. But I don’t think it was mobile compatible, which could be why it’s not available any more. I can’t recall the names of any other stacks that do a similar effect.

Not 100% what you want, but free and might be useful:

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Will it is not that complicated or sophisticated as you think. To make myself a little bit clearer I have uploaded the website to a subdomain of my website at
Currently I am using your stack FancyViewer. Problem is that on the simulator of RW8 everything looks fine for “home” and “home2” but if I do an export to a local folder the image won’t be resized to the window size (it will be displayed at full resolution). Now with a real apache webserver you may check that yourself.
I found that “home” is displaying the brain image (second one) correct on a macbook. I will have to check on a mobile device next. But still “home2” shows the brain image to big.

And for @robbeattie there is now a “home3” page using the loupe stack. But in my opinion it’s second best, because the user can move around the image an check all other kind of things not just the brain.

Will, maybe I just haven’t done the setting correct? mhh

@uhebeisen I could not access your test link.

If you are seeing a difference between FancyViewer in RW preview and FancyViewer on your published / exported website, then that normally indicates one of two things:

  1. Your web browser has cached an older version of the page and is still using old / outdated copies of the webpage. Try clearing your browser, viewing the page in a private window or using another web browser.
  2. The page did not fully export or publish. Files required by the page might be missing or damaged. It could be something simple like the URL you entered in the site settings does not correspond to where the page was published to.

FancyViewer works fine as a simple lightbox effect. You can configure it to open a larger image, when a smaller one is clicked. Obviously it will have less impact on a mobile device, where you are already working with a relatively constrained screen size. But I think you have the option in FancyViewer to display the lightbox effect on mobile.

Suggest giving Will’s Zoomy Stack a go. It’s free and probably does what you most need. Worth a try at least.

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