Image Viewing Stack Needed

(Bruce Kieffer) #1

I’m looking for suggestions for a stack that can create a thumbnail image, and when that thumbnail image is clicked a full size version of the image opens, preferably in a window above the page.

(Brad Halstead) #2

@bruce, don’t know of any stack that will do this (using a quick search on the Community site for stacks), however, if you are graphics app challenged, may I suggest 2 different apps…

  1. PhotoBulk - available in the MAS

  2. ImageOptim - not in the MAS, do a Google Search.

Now to be truthful, Joe Workman’s TOTAL-CMS and EASY-CMS do make thumbnails of images for you that you have upload via the CMS on a live site. However, you may not always get the section of the image you want as generated content.

Both allow resizing and optimization of images with little hassle!


(Bruce Kieffer) #3

OK. So assume I will create my own thumbnails, then please suggest a good Lightbox stack to view a larger version of the image.

(Brad Halstead) #4

@bruce, there is not one that I know of that opens in a new browser window, you would have to code that yourself per image. Like you would for an external URL.


(Bruce Kieffer) #5

I’m just not making myself clear. I’m looking at Lightbox stacks. They will do what I need, so I’m looking for suggestions of Lightbox stacks that people like. Thanks

(Dave Farrants) #6

Something like this? -

Done with Box from

(Stuart) #7

Topbox FTW…

(Bruce Kieffer) #8

I’m looking seriously at S4S Topbox3.

(Stuart) #9

And so you should. Its the best.

(Bruce Kieffer) #10

I downloaded the demo version of Topbox. Either it’s intentionally incomplete, or something is wrong. When viewed in Safari the modal window resides at the bottom of the page rather than centered. Can you confirm this does not happen with the paid version?

UPDATE: Got it fixed thanks to info from Will at S4S. I was using an image stack in the Topbox, and I need to use local or warehoused images.

(Rob Beattie) #11

In inexpensive alternative to the mighty TopBox -

Nothing like as sophisticated but could suit your purposes.