Stackapps dropdown to only display certain entries from DB

(Daniel Manchester) #1

Hoping this is an easy one,

I’m trying to get the Stackapps select stack (with dropdown as the input method) to only display entries from a database field based on a word in another field.

As per the image below I’ve tried the Join: Query with the sub_category = (Safety) but this doesn’t display anything.

I also tried the code sub_category = “Safety” but that came back with an error

If I leave Query: blank it displays every entry in the name field.

(Daniel Manchester) #2

also tried sub_category = ‘%Safety%’ as per a suggestion on a similar thread, but still no luck

(Daniel Manchester) #3

Resolved, used double quotes “”

So the code looks like sub_category = “Safety”

Just remember to remove smart quotes in your Mac options

Hope this helps anyone else who comes across the same problem.