Stackapps or maybe another suggestion!


I am trying to create a mysql database website where a user can register, enter data into a form, amend data and amend user details through their log in. I have struggled to find a plug in that covers this but downloaded stackapps which does exactly what I require.

The only thing that I cannot sort out is there is a where clause that points the table grid stack to the relevant records in the table. I would like this to show only the records from the currently logged in user, currently it shows all user data.

Unfortunately as a new user I can’t upload the image which shows clearly what I am asking!!

However there is a box on the tablegrid stack with a where clause box. the following syntax can be used:

source(name) where source ∈ {field, param, paramint, paramlookup, session, cookie, var, globals, server}

I have tried many solutions but as a complete novice to this, this one little box has be stuck!


As this is a highly specific issue just for the Stacks Apps, I’d probably recommend contacting the developer directly.


Thanks. I am waiting for a response, but Stackapps is a bit of a “hobby” I think and will not guarantee he will respond.

Unfortunately I could not find a different plug in with as much functionality

Try a WHERE clause like this → user_id = session(userid) ("user_id"depends on the field id you are using)
the data should be from the same table where you are string the user id’s, for example if you want to store the user id in the table where your users upload there data use a-> hidden stack → session(userid)
This will store the userid in the table and you are able to run the WHERE clause on it
Have Fun!


Really appreciated thank you!

I would highly recommend using Sitelok from Vibralogix. The support you get is staggeringly good and the product is powerful and flexible.

I think Helmuth (developer) has dropped off the radar… I haven’t seen anything from him for around a year now :frowning:

Hey Michael,

How are you doing? I could not find the the demo project file for your first video on “Stackapps/Foundation CMS in a couple of minutes” . Request you to please share and kindly advise if its still compatible to use with Stacks 3. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Regards, Rajat