Stacks and Elements

Will my stacks adding work in the New Rapidweaver with Elements?

Hi @SaturnWeb,

No, stacks are not compatible with RapidWeaver Elements.

Elements is an entirely new WYSIWYG platform, with its own advanced language so unfortunately all stacks are currently incompatible.

Once Elements launches we hope third-party developers will port/re-build their stacks for the Elements platform.

Are there any stacks/features in particular that you want to use in Elements?

Many Thanks,

Prior to purchasing RapidWeaver Classic and the Foundry set of stacks you, @dan, told me that both would be compatible with Elements.
This was the reason I purchased. (I was happy using 8 and the original Foundation).
I’ve since spent 100’s of hours building a new site in Classic with Foundry (and learning Foundry) with a view to ‘porting’ it to Elements and continuing with it.

Hi @ricinport,

A version of Foundry compatible with Elements was initially announced by its publisher (Elixir Graphics). They have since changed their mind however, and decided not to release Foundry for Elements. A full statement is given on their forum here.

But rest assured that Classic and Foundry for Classic will be supported after Elements launches, so your investment wasn’t in vain. And if you hadn’t invested in Classic, Stacks and Foundry, you couldn’t have built any website in the mean time as Elements is a ways off releasing still.


Just to chime in here, for anybody that has the question “Will this or that stack work in RapidWeaver Elements”, it’s best to ask the developer of said stack directly.

Not because the stack will work in Elements (it won’t because stacks aren’t compatible with Elements), but because it will help the developer determine if it would be worthwhile for them to port the stack to Elements (aka rebuilding it as a native element so it works in Elements).

If you have purchased a stack that you really like and would like to see it brought over to Elements so you can continue using it there, please contact the developer to let them know!


So does that mean the API is far enough along now the developers can make an intelligent decision in this regard? Or is it still too early and they would be using the inquiry to gauge interest level?

Yes, the Elements language is now far enough along, and we’re willing to help all developers that want to port their stacks to native Elements.

Understandable, I think most users and developers are waiting until we have shipped the first public beta before making a decision.

Sure, developers could also use this time to gauge interest in converting their stacks to Elements, and make plans for the future.


This is awesome!