Stacks and Source

Is it possible to use the basic stacks from the stacks 4 with source stacks on the same project?? I am a total newbie and I am really struggling with the software. Been trying for hours to just get a banner up with text on the image. Not doing well at all. Thanks

Yes - you can use any stacks that you like on a Stacks page (the only exceptions would be using any stacks from one framework within a page using another framework).

I’ll set you up with access to my Lawyer course on our RW Academy. It’s a great intro for newbies. It is hard to get your head around things when faced with just a blank page.

Source comes with a ‘Welcome to Source’ project that is worth breaking apart. And you will also get free access to the Block Circle project file as part of the welcome emails. And full documentation is available on our Knowledge Base.


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