Multiple platforms on one Rapidweaver page

Am I able to use multiple platforms on the same webpage and use ALL the stacks in my library? Or do I have to pick one and only use the stacks related to the specific platform?

Can you clarify your question a little bit more?

Hi George,
As joes says more detail is needed. By platform do you mean a framework perhaps? Like joe’s foundation and another framework like foundry or source?

Foundry or source

You can only use one frame work on a page BUT you can use any non-framework stacks on the same page with framework stacks as this combination usually plays nicely together (rarely do separate stacks interfere with the function of another).

There are exceptions, such as Source’s Grid Plus stack can be used with other frameworks if you purchase the additional enabler stack.

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Thank you. That is somewhat helpful, but how do you know which is a non framework stack?

Go to Stacks, type in Foundry and a list of all the Foundry stacks will appear. See screenshot.

I’m not sure the same works with Source, but there are many many fewer Source stacks. So go to the Source website and there will be a list of stacks: there’s only a few of them (depending on whether you have the free version or paid version which has a few more).

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