Stacks in a partial


I have 2 stacks that are in a partial and neither obey the responsive settings of stacks 3 (i.e. hide on mobile).

Can anyone else replicate this behaviour?


A little more info is needed before ANYONE can help !


Just for fun a ran a quick test with some of the built in stacks. The built in responsive settings behave identically inside and outside of a partial as is expected.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Add a 1-Column Stack – i gave it a 2px border.
  2. Add three text stacks to it.
  3. Change the background color of each – juts to be able to tell them apart easily.
  4. Change the responsive hiding setting of each one. I chose to only display each on on a single type of device.
  5. Select the 1-Column stack that contains them all and click the partial button, creating a partial.
  6. Leave the Partial.
  7. Duplicate the whole partial.
  8. Unpack the duplicate (click the unpack button).

Now I have a good example. The expected result is that both the partial contents and the duplicate (no longer in a partial) should look identical no matter the size of the browser window. Choosing Preview that’s exactly what I see.


Thanks @isaiah for the detailed response.

Could this perhaps be a stack developer issue?

For example, using Joe Workman’s “let it snow” stack, I place that in a partial and within the stack settings, I have hide this stack on mobile but the stack still operates on mobile in preview.

I also have Nick Cates “scroll page” stack and the same happens - i.e. the stack is in a partial with mobile disabled and will still display on mobile devices in preview.

I have also tested after a publish and the same occurs.

This is not a big deal but thought I’d see if there is something I am missing or that can be done.

Thanks again, much appreciated.