Stacks in my Stacks window Disappearing

Today when I opened up Rapidweaver 8 (I am running the latest version with the latest version of Stacks 3 and in my stacks section, I noticed that some of the icons are blank with just the words next to them. In the last day or so, I have had to reinstall a few of my themes that I have purchased. Has anyone seen this before? Here are a few screen shots of what I am talking about. Can any one tell me what might be happening and how to fix it?

Looks like you have set it to show hidden items in Stacks library settings. Most of the blank ones are child stacks that do not need to be seen.

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How do I turn it off?

At the bottom of where all the stacks are listed, there’s a “Library” Icon. Click that and turn off “Show Hidden Stacks”.


Awesome! That was it! Thank you so much!!!

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