Stacks labeled legacy ok to delete?

Is it ok to delete stacks that have the word “legacy” in their name?

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Only if you don’t want to use them again.
And only if you aren’t using them in a project already and don’t want to make any changes to them.

thanks for the reply.

makes sense.

Are you seeing the legacy stacks in your stacks list?? You should not be seeing them. You could have Show Hidden Stacks turned on. You can turn that off and then you will not see the Legacy stacks anymore. It really won’t hurt to keep them. See my screenshot below (click to see the entire thing).

Yes, I had show hidden stacks checked. What does that mean? Hidden Stacks?

But I still see PO Legacy in the library of stacks. This is Joe’s Post Office stack legacy.

Hidden stacks are stacks the developers do not want you to see, like Legacy or something new that came around with Stacks 3 and they are called Child of Stacks. Joe and Andrew (Big White Duck) use them a lot and so do most of the other developers. They are stacks, but ones that should only be available if you have the MAIN stack on the page.

The PO Legacy one should have been hidden, strange that it is not, it is for me. You can delete that one if you want.

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