Stacks3 and RapidWeaver8

I am new to Rapid Weaver, and I started with Rapid Weaver 8, not had any of the older ones.

My question is: if I buy Stacks 3, will that give me additional options for adding features to rapid 8 themes, or is Stacks made more for if you want to create sites from scratch without using a theme, which the Rapid Weaver 8 comes packed with.

I have looked on YouTube at reviews and I can’t seem to figure it out. If it’s to build sites without using the pre-made theme templates, so if that’s the case would stacks be paired with Foundations or Foundry.

I am new to this forum, and looking forward to learning Rapid Weaver.

Many thanks in advance.

Stacks 3 is a plugin, in RapidWeaver terms that equate to a type of page. You can use the stacks plugin on any theme you want. If you want to build a site with one of the “frameworks” like Foundry or Foundations you will need to have the stacks 3 plugin installed. These Frameworks require stacks(both the Plugin and stacks add-ons) to build a site from the ground up


Many thanks for that.

I intend on buying Stacks 3, so I will. Based on what I have seen online, most people who use RW have the Stacks 3 add on.

RE: Stacks3 - Let me just confirm… YES… you want Stacks3. I wouldn’t consider using RW without it. When you get it learn how to use/make stacks Partials. It will save you time and trouble later on if you have global changes.

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Many thanks.

Let me also note that many (most?) 3rd party stack developers (and there’s lot’s of them) are active here most every day. They are a valuable help to this community. There are many, many, stacks you can add to Stacks3. Some do major things, some minor, some minor that turn out to be major! I highly suggest watching this forum every day looking for new stack announcements and “what stack will do this?” type posts.

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I am going to use this place as my training ground, going to learn what I can from you guys, then take action and implement it. I’ve a lot to learn, but excited at the new world it will open up for me.

Hi @DeanDesigns - May I suggest that you download/peruse many of the stacks created by “Big White Duck” (go to the RW Addons site to get the download pages) - they are all free (but a few cups of coffee to the designer is welcome). Each stack has a download RW project which illustrates the versatility of using stacks with the Stacks Plugin. BWD stacks are some of the best out there and you will be amazed at the results you can obtain. Most of them can be used in any theme and once you have installed the Stacks 3 Plugin itself, you can use any of the included themes that come with RW Version 8. There are many other developers that design and sell stacks and for very modest amounts can add some terrific functionality to your Web Site. I would suggest also that you don’t consider shelling out for the Foundry or Foundation tools until you have mastered the concept of RW addons (using stacks). Most experienced users of RW use frameworks such as foundation as they specifically address design on multiple devices eg Phones/tablets/laptops/Full Screen i.e they are “Responsive”. The great benefit of exploring addons from RW’s site is that you can get a rounded view of the hundreds of addons on sale.


Thanks so much I will take a look.

This forum is going to be a great help in my path to learning how it all works.

Awesome reply, cheers.

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I hit up the link but I could not find any of the free items you said about by Duck.

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@DeanDesigns Dean, sorry for slightly misleading you - for some reason BWD don’t include their stacks in the addons pages. Lisa’s link above will grt you there - worth a visit.



One of the best ways to find out the answers to these questions is to download Stacks and play with it. You can use the demo version of Stacks to add a few stacks to a page and see how it works and interacts with the rest of RapidWeaver. If it’s useful to you then you can purchase it and unlock the limitations of the demo.

You can download it on the Stacks website:

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