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This may be the major drawback to RW. The theme developer tells you it is not their problem and the stack developer tells you they cannot test their stack on all themes, Shouldn’t there be conformity with theme pages accepting stacks accepting all stack products? To use the Locator stack will have to change theme for site, not looking forward to this work when all I wanted was to get my map location back on my site. Anyone using the HTML stack to bring up a Google map with marked location using a valid API

Appreciate the frustration but what you are seeing in this situation is a very accurate representation of what can happen in the ecosystem of the modern web. Sadly, the conformity that you mention only exists up to a point - and for very good reason.

Different versions of frameworks, pulling in different versions of supporting javascript. Different plugins pulling in different -but dependent- versions of jQuery. Loading order of dependencies… CSS from stacks over-ruling the theme, CSS from the theme over-ruling the stack… Managing dependencies is a thing in the wild and unsurprisingly, from time to time, a thing in RW world too.

Stacks users cannot reasonably expect stack vendors to test their stacks with every possible theme and other stacks - thats just not feasible, similarly a theme or framework dev cannot be expected to re-engineer their framework because a stacks vendor released something which conflicts. Quite apart from the incomprehensible logistics, think about what that would mean for users constantly having to update their stacks and themes to keep up.

This kind of thing is the price you pay for not hand coding and taking personal responsibility for what you are adding to your site; and a small, infrequently extracted price it is too. Don’t forget that you also have the option to resolve incompatibilities yourself by learning the tech and increasing your self-sufficiency in these situations.

As to the question about the HTML stack (the most powerful stack in Stacks), yes… I bet lots of people will have done this - especially before Google made the API a pain in the butt to use (see what I mean?). Presumably you have seen this:


All I’ll say is this. And this is not directed at any one particular person!

There are hundreds of themes, thousands of theme versions, millions of configuration possibilities. The choice of addons has never been so great. And this is something to celebrate. Honestly.

Even more stacks, saved style sets, templates, code snippets and other elements used for building websites in RapidWeaver. It is truly mind-boggling how much is out there.

Hence RapidWeaver has been able to successfully compete against strong competition - when the likes of Freeway, Sandvox, Macaw and iWeb have faded into history.

It is impossible for one person or a team of 100,000 to test for every possible configuration and eventuality. That fact is indisputable.

And even if by some miracle you could, that will only give you a brief snapshot of the current situation. What happens when a developer releases an update, a software company pushes out a new browser update, new hardware becomes available or a third party service changes something at their end? Basically you are back to the start again.

Compatibility is mostly projected probabilities and risk analysis.

As I have always said, the modular nature of RapidWeaver means there are always going to be certain combinations of addons that do not work correctly together. It always has been the case and always will be. And hence, you often have multiple choices of addons within the same category to choose from.

So if for example you cannot get Google Maps to work, then you use Open Street Maps or create your own map with a static image and clickable hot spots. These forums are a good place to ask for free advice, if you approach users in a polite manner. Please don’t start side-lining honest developers or creating divisions.

Regretfully with a stack like Locator, Google have the upper hand and dictate how the internals of it must to work. There are things I would love to change, but I am not allowed to. The API stuff is frightening complicated and frustrating. It’s a miracle it works as well as it does! Some developers have pulled similar addons from sale as a result. I would hope not to have to do the same for the sake of a few disgruntled users.

I provide free demo versions of everything I sell, so there are no hidden surprises. I make it extremely clear at the checkout that you should not proceed with a purchase if you cannot get the demo version to work first. That’s just basic common sense. If you choose to ignore that advice, then you only have yourself to blame!

The bottom line is this.

I only make about $10 from a stack like Locator. That’s barely enough to buy a decent coffee. In addition to the time taken to initially develop the stack, you cannot realistically expect a guarantee of its compatibility with everything else in the RapidWeaver marketplace. Neither should you expect me to dedicate hours of extra time helping one single person. Regretfully the economics of it just don’t work and it’s a somewhat selfish outlook to think otherwise.

At the same time, if I were to jack the price up to say $1,000 and hoist a big banner up saying that I will personally install the stack for you and configure it, I strongly suspect the “stacks cost too much” brigade will be out in force with their pitchforks again!

As I have already offered, I can be hired to provide extended support, if you need it. And this certainly is something people regularly take advantage of. I have special discounted rates for RapidWeaver. My rates are a fraction of what normal “web developers” charge.

Regretfully anything to do with addons from someone else is outside of my free support remit, as already stated on the support page. I’ll only bend the rules slightly and perhaps look at something on a discretionary basis if it’s not going to leave me out of pocket.


I understand I deal with this all the time with magic Tuesday Windows update that just miraculously cause or electronic medical record system to malfunction. Recently a security update resulted in the user being bumped off the server after every print job.

I totally understand and appreciate your response. I agree the choices for RW developer has never been greater.

I also agree that the whole Google API for using the Google maps has become a pain.

I do feel that the $10.00 charge for Locator is a bargain. I would recommend it as the best use of Google maps I found when looking for a plugin or stack to show your location.

I am looking at a static map until I can find a ThemeFlood that will work well with my site. The flexibility that RW gives us to control content on our own site is a major plus. A third party developer could cost thousands and a fee for updates etc.


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