Newbie confused about use of stacks

I have been wallowing in RW 7.5.5 exploring themes and purchasing appealing stack add-ons.
I am confused as to why some stacks don’t seem to be accesable such as “Superflex3” ?
This morning I thought I get organized and put like files in folders and now test site builds are not directly linked to theme chosen and "void " dialog came up … prompting to select presumed “last selected” theme.
Are add on stacks dependent on particular supporting themes ?

under extra content in Stack3 I do see “Royal Split” nickcatesdesign (purchased)
& “Extra Content” but i’m not clear as to how they got there ?



Welcome to RapidWeaver, and the forum :slight_smile:

Themes control the appearance and layout, navigation options and (placing of) elements on your pages.

Stacks add functionality - mostly regardless of presentation, to simplify. So they really should be considered as independent of Themes.

The Stacks add-on is required for stacks; but not for Themes. The Stacks add-on (and the stacks which use it) works directly with (most modern themes for) RW. You use stacks within Stacks.

Let’s try a quick fix with one question first:

In which directory are your RW addons? There are recommendations.

You should ideally install the very latest version of Stacks.rapidweaverplugin at the root level of that ‘best’ directory. After that, next to no work at the filesystem level is required. Indeed, it may be undesirable.

It’s OK to create a subdirectory of that ‘best’ directory; I call mine Stacks - just in case. And then important to put all Stacks which you buy in that same place.

What happens when you restart both computer and RW after making sure you’re set up this way? And perform updates from within Stacks itself?

Sometimes a stack will install, needs and uses components which you do not, and which you do not need to see or use. They are ‘helpers’ if you like… some stacks are made up of several parts. You can control what you see in the Stacks library.

It looks like you have Nick Cates Royale theme. It must come with a RoyaleSplit stack. Extra Content stack is a free stack to add stack content to Extra Content areas, not sure if a theme developer would install that, but maybe they do…

Are you manually (with finder) moving plugins, themes and stacks around?
The screen shot shows a folder called staks That doesn’t look right.

You should let RapidWeaver manage these files for you. Some stacks are hidden in other stacks.


According to this page, the RoyaleSplit stack does add this functionality to Nick’s Royale theme:

If you have Stacks 3 and Royale, you’ll obtain Avenger web building status with the free Royale Split stack. Create seamless “edge to edge” sections anywhere within the content layout. Adjust content alignment, inherit theme padding, and select text and background gradient colors!

shortly after I posted a dumb question it dawned on me that there was probably a “root” system folder … I duplicated the missing stacks there and restarted …YEA ! . More tools to play with.

I see a folder called Staks, but that should be called Stacks. I don’t think that things will work properly with that folder not named properly. Not sure how it got like that…

Pointed out earlier.

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Glad you got it working; and there are no ‘dumb’ questions, only ones that are as yet unanswered :slight_smile:

Two things, though:

• are you sure you really mean ‘root’ and ‘system’ folders; on a Mac we users never should put anything at the filesystem’s actual ‘root’; nor is such a folder really part of the ‘System’? Ideally your only set of RW add-ons should be somewhere as recommended in the link in my earlier post

• secondly, it’d be unwise actually to copy such resources for risk of improperly updating them, and confusing RW.

Just a caution that you should probably review what you’ve done to make sure it all conforms :slight_smile:.

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