Compatibility Question re Stacks & Themes

This is a complete bonehead question so I apologize upfront for any irritation.

Can anybody tell me the basic rules for integrating various stacks with various themes?

My understanding was that you pretty much picked a developer’s theme and then used the stacks that they offered for internal consistency. My comprehension was that you could not mix stacks from one developer into a theme from another developer.

Is this correct?

I also have a question about compatibility of stacks that were written for previous versions of RapidWeaver with current version of RapidWeaver?

Does everything need to be from one paradigm?

Most stacks will work across all themes. The general Exceptions being the framework stacks like Foundation, Foundry, UIkit, etc. Those stacks require the framework’s theme. But note, the framework themes usually also allow other “general” stacks as well.


What Scott(@swilliam) said.
It’s rare but sometimes stacks aren’t compatible with other stacks or a theme.
You can ask the developer ahead of time, but they may not know.

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