Star Wars Website Build using RapidWeaver

Hi All - I just tried to build out the Star Wars website’s homepage with RW. I had some spare time today so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s nowhere near perfect but I’ve always liked their navigation and wondered if it was poss to recreate with the Foundation and BWD stacks. It’s not far off. Just a bit of fun. Cheers.


Nice job indeed Justin !!

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That’s really clever.

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Yes, in fact, great work :+1:

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Impressive for only 3 hours work. Really shows off how powerful the BWD stacks are.

Ha. You should even offer to fix all the bugs on the original Star Wars site, such as the inconsistent rounding of the blog images throughout their site.


That’s awesome. Nice job!

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One thing I did notice, on the original site, was that on page load it would pull down multiple versions of an image (for most of them!) like a landscape and portrait version of each, some with more. I understand why these are needed, but to download them in one go (downloading the mobile images for the desktop version of site, for example) would slow the page load time and take up a lot more bandwidth than needed, esp a site with this amount of traffic. I doubt it’s much of a headache for them though. Anyway thanks for the compliments all.


Wow! Amazing… I hope that everyone takes note. This is why @j303 kills it with every design that he makes. He takes the time to learn how to use the tools that he has but doing fun side projects like this. Find a webpage that you like and copy it. There is no better way to learn. Bravo Justin!


…and Foundation :smile:


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