Introducing Webdeersign Rapidweaver Foundation Projects

Just wanted to pre-announce Webdeersign and my plans to offer fully functional complete Rapidweaver Foundation Projects in the next couple of weeks.

These will be complete web site Projects with multiple different configuration and design layout options. The overall idea is to provide a complete web site to those who find the Foundation blank page a daunting or time consuming way to build a web site. Using a pre configured site retains the total freedom of a Foundation layout but starts with a working layout that can be edited, moved about, etc… The minimum requirements will be RW6, Stacks3, Foundation Starter Pack and BWD’s stacks (

The Projects will be of value to new users to demonstrate how Foundation is put together and how to get the most out of the the most creative and useful stacks available. There will be additional demos showing pre configured stacks such as Impact, Total/EasyCMS, MovingBox, Post Office, Parallax, Switcher, Hoverbox as well as the BWD stacks. Everything will be documented and that’s what is eating up all my time at the moment.

I’m hoping that experienced web designer’s will also appreciate the time saving and rapid prototyping advantages of using a a pre-configured layout containing building blocks to cherry pick from. It can be a speedy way to present an idea to a client to define the final solution.

Each Project will contain multiple modules each containing many pre configured stacks. I have created a page showing some example modules of the type of building blocks that often form a web site introduction to services, products, employee bios, etc at . Most of these demos showcase the recently released HeaderPro and ParagraphPro from BWD.

Feel free to ask any questions and there is also a newsletter to sign up to, to get regular updates.

Thanks, Gary


Hi Gary

Would these work alongside Jon Hawkins Foundations projects or as your own unique suite of project files?

Modules are good!

Thanks and good luck with the new project


Hi Brad,

Yes absolutely. These are Foundation so you could just pull out exactly what you want from any part of the Project files and put them where ever you want. You can do this either as a stack, Module or as a Partial that contains a complex layout such as any of the ones on my demo page. That’s exactly how these Projects are put together. They can function as a standalone web site, a core design for a web site or a cherry picked collection of the bits you want. This can be a real time saver.

So for example, you could choose a full page landing page, followed by a 3 column full width page, followed by a parallax fixed image, followed by a gallery, etc. Then you could for example, try with Footer option 1, 2, 3, 4, etc and adjust absolutely everything. The Projects will come with many images (sized for mobile, tablet & desktop), icons, dividers, background, etc., all in optimised png or jpg and SVG formats already setup up in a folder ready to warehousing.


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Thanks Gary

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Another Foundation based solution/option…



Maybe post this at and RapidWeaver Central as well?


Sure. Good suggestions. Thanks

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I’m in, and I signed up!

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Cool. I am still on track for a mid March release but I will send out the newsletter to confirm when I have a firm date. Thanks.


I’m in too, and I signed up!.. can’t wait!!!

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