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When I checked my Statcounter “visitor activity” I saw a URL that belonged to an older version of my website. When I clicked on that link, it shows me both my old and new versions all on the same website! It’s horrible!!
I have deleted those older versions, but they seem to still exist.
What am I doing wrong?

Here’s my new version-

Here’s is that weird link from an older version:
And a screenshot of how both the old and new versions are clubbed together, making my website look terrible!!

Thank you in advance. And also to mention that I’m super appreciative of all the help and advice I’ve received from this community platform.

How did you delete the old pages?

RapidWeaver doesn’t delete anything on the server. You can do that manually with an FTP app like Transmit(paid) or FileZilla(free), or most hosting companies have a file manager built in their control panel.

But more importantly, you are getting visitors to the old pages. If you simply delete these pages those visitors (some from Google searches) will get 404 not founds. Not good customer service and 404 errors will hurt your SERP ranking.

You should do redirect from those old URLS to the equivalent new pages.

These redirects are quite easy to do on most servers. The majority of sites use Apache web server and redirects can be done through the htaccess file. RapidWeaver has a built in htaccess editor in the publishing settings.

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You seem to not be understanding the nature of the problem. It has nothing to do with your domain. As @teefers said, RW will not delete your old pages from your server. You need to do that manually as Doug mentioned:

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