Still no social buttons in RW Blog?

Is it still not possible to add social buttons to a RW Blog ?

Hello !

well why not ?

  • an honest question


Good question and one that has been raised before. Really is something that should have been added in the last couple of years. Truth is, it’s a functional but pretty basic plug-in and there are better options out there

MOD - That I understand.

My feeling is the same for all the built-in plug-ins - as you say, they work - but there are much better options out there. Sitemap is the same - why did they bother ?

Converting to a blog that works really well is however quite hard once you have 10 years invested in this one !

Stacks is the new platform - RW seems fractured to me

It’s been years since I used the RW blog but couldn’t you use code from a 3rd party entity? It may not be placed exactly where you prefer but it may be a possibility.

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