RW native social button option?

So I have done a search here but nobody answered if it’s possible to add social buttons to the RW blog. I have Armadillo on another site and that has a place to paste the code…but does RW bloc _really_not have social sharing buttons?


You can try to integrate a service like:

Another option: Use Poster Stack with inbuild social media button options:

Wow the more I use Rapidweaver the more I think it’s just a frame.

A blog with no ability for social media buttons seems like madness…and nowhere to put the code.

Ah well, I think I’ll use Armadillo instead.

You should definitely use Armadillo or another CMS. The built-in blog is very basic (but good). I’ve been using Armadillo for years and it is wonderful!

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Hi Peter thanks for that. As a new Armadillo user can I ask if there is a way of importing old posts into Armadillo?

Another option might be to request said feature(s). If you put in a request to Realmac you may see said features in the future, as they’re constantly looking to improve upon RapidWeaver.

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Hi Adam. Thanks I will.


You could copy/paste posts into Armadillo. If you used styled text (and you probably did) then this won’t work very well but it gives you a start. If you used markdown then it’s easy peasy copy/paste all the way. But there is no magical importer that I know of which will retain formatting.