Style text plugin missing

I need to know how to find the style text plugin it is missing.

What RW version are you running?
Are you running the latest?

It should be installed in the default.

I am running RapidWeaver 8.2 I don’t know what happen the style text plugin is missing.

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I also have the latest and it’s working for me…

You will need to check in with Realmac for support with this I’m afraid as no idea why it’s missing for your install… sorry

Thank You for the suggestion.

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I’m sorry I didn’t make my question clear. I installed the software and have built my website. I open my project all the images were still in task but the wording disappeared.

The message, style text plungin was missing. To check forum for a download of the style text plugin from the catalog. However, I didn’t see the catalog to download the plugin .

I truly appreciate you knowlege an expertise,

The styled text plugin is part of RapidWeaver (built in). Did you upgrade from a prior version?
Might want to try reinstalling RapidWeaver, get the latest version here:

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