Styled Text plugin can't be found


I know this is a repeat but I can’t be bothered to find the original.

I get an error for some pages that the “Styled Text” plugin is missing, however the are other “Styled Text” pages in the project that are fine. The Plugin is listed in the Addons and works fine for other projects. I’ve also tried reinstalling RapidWeaver to no avail

If I go back to an early version of the project using Time machine, I can then edit the file and save, reopen and all is fine. However this is now happening about 10% of the times I save the project.

Have you tried creating a new styled text page and copying your content from the original page, and deleting the problematic page? Worth a try.

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That does work, but there are often 10-15 pages effected, and it is now happening a couple of times a week.