Sub Menu Not Showing Initially

This is on the RW8 Template Aspen:
Hi I’ve just added an extra subpage, but it doesn’t show up until I open the original subpage, then if I go back to the menu it then appears? Am I missing something?
It’s on then hover over Classes & it doesn’t show ‘Beginners Videos’ until you click on ‘Classes’ Main Menu or ‘Intermediate Videos’ original subpage.
I’m pretty new at this, and know the side needs to speed up, which I’m looking into tomorrow :+1: Appreciate any help :grin: Thank you Keith

Hi Keith,

Might be the Aspen theme limiting to show only the first level of sub-pages and not able to go further than one level down. As an aside Nick Cates, who made the Aspen theme, has now stopped selling any RW related add ons so you are not likely to get any further updates to it.

Do you have a screen shot of the page structure (in the left hand side of RW showing all the pages on your site.) you could share or send to me?

Hi Paul, good to hear from you :+1:
Thanks for the info, I didn’t realise Nick had finished!
It’s weird one as it doesn’t show up initially but it does once I’ve opened anything in that particular menu ‘Classes’ see attached before & after, whilst the final picture is showing drop down menus with all submenus showing straight away?
Photos coming next :grin:

I’ll contact Nick & see if he can sort it :+1: I forgot it was Nick, I thought it was a RW8 own Site.
Cheers matey

Hi Paul,
Sorry just realised what you actually wanted to see! Here it is:

Mmm, not sure what the issue could be but as a first off try Republishing All Files, usually sorts out a lot of minor niggles.

I’d maybe reconsider having Classes as a sub-page of Classes as it could get a bit confusing, maybe Learn or something similar for the top level page.

Hi Paul,

Thanks again for all your help :pray: I’ve moved things around a little & will look at changing the Class title. I had to do it this way, as unless people double clicked on the main ‘Classes’ Tag, a single click showed the drop down menu, which meant they’d miss the 'Class page completely!)

Once I’d changed everything I published all pages as you advised & it’s now all working. So again a big thank you :grin:

I can now crack on with all those other jobs you suggested! :joy: Cheers Keith

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