Aspen theme - missing stack

Just received the RW Aspen theme email. Have to say that it caught me at just the right time - looking to rebuild a near ten year old RW website. So bought it. Installed, theme and Split stack but I have this missing stack message at the top of the demo file. Any idea what it is?

@dan perhaps?

Does he come to play here?

Ah sorry, will get that updated. It’s part of the Velvet video player I used on the promo site, you can safely remove it.

Thanks for the heads-up!

EDIT: I have just fixed up the example project and re-uploaded it to our store.

Thanks for the reply Dan. While you at it, you may want to correct the typo…Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 19.48.17

@oldgustav, Hah, it’s been a hectic few days… fixing it now. Thanks!

Oh, and don’t forget to give Aspen a like and a review on the Community Site if ya dig it:

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