Subdomain publish?

I have a nice rw site published to mysite com and now I have added a subdomain via cpanel on my server: mysubdomain mysite com and i want to publish a rw project to it. It seems the only valid way to connect an ftp is via the main domain: ftp mysite com - and that works great for my main site. Via cpanel, I can see the new subdomain at the same level as mysite com, AND a public_html where the rw ‘publish’ seems to be putting the files.
How do I get a new rw project to connect and upload to the subdomain?

I have read the posting on the topic but none seem to help me solve my problem.

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It kinda depends on the host company. Usually, in the Control Panel, there is an indicator of what directory the subdomain will be pointed to.

It sounds like the subdomain set up process set up a directory named the same as the subdomain.

Since you didn’t tell us the real name of the sub-domain or the real name of the URL or hosting company, I can only give you my best guess example.

  1. On the new project file, use the same FTP publishing settings as the main domain.

  2. Clear out the path in the publishing settings.

  3. Hit the Test button at the bottom

  4. Press the Browse button right next to the path

  5. You should get a directory listing (kinda like finder) choose the directory with the subdomain name.

  6. Go ahead and try publishing

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Hi Doug - thanks! I’m working on a namecheap sever; which does create a directory the same name as the subdomain - and then mine also has a strange duplicate where it looks like the log on is pasted in front of the subdomain and thats where the cgi-bin is located. So, the rw setting (Browse button) takes me into an empty folder with a “/” >. I pick that and get a “/” in the Path text edit. Test is successful. The files (Ive managed to get it to publish 1 time) go into that subdomain named folder with a floder with my logon info in it. They need to go into the doubled up named one with the cgi-script. I moved all the files into that doubled up name folder and both the subdomain and the redirect to it work as expected. Now I have 2 problems:
1.) I can not get it to consistantly publish to the designated folder (fails after loading most says “ftp problem”) but just worked as I was looking for the error!
2.) I cant seem to designate the folder I would like it to go to
I am wondering if I should just publish locally and then ftp up with an ftp client? I know its maybe a bit unusual?
kr, and thank you!

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