Publishing Issues - goes to wrong place

Hello Rapid Weavers - I really know nothing about FTPs and the like (hence a happy RW user) but this has me flummoxed:
I am attempting to make changes to a site I have made changes to successfully in the past using those exact publishing settings. However, the changes don’t go to (not real url obviously)
Weirdly, after upload, RW tells me the upload was successful to new.thesite. com
When I try to open that (just to check it, it is NOT where I want the site to open), however, I only get a broken link.
The publishing settings I am using in Rapid Weaver SHOULD be correct (the test comes back thumbs up, so credentials are right, I just think the path is somehow wrong, though I did not change a thing):
PATH: public_html/thesite

Please help. I do have a cpanel (hosted on Siteground) but that place is above my pay grade in this world
Thanks very much!

That’s pretty vague info to go on, but try checking your path. Usually your files will go directly into public_html, so try deleting /thesite from your path. In RW’s Publishing window, try “Browse” in the Path setting and see if your old files are in public_html rather than public_html/thesite. Then try publishing to public_html

new.thesite. com would be for a subdomain. You can also consult your hosts info for where to publish, but most often it’s public_html for a main domain.


David, thank you very much for your help. I did check with my host who tells me I should upload to a certain directory, which I did (I have shared hosting, so can’t just use root). They can see the files I uploaded.
Still, the changes are not showing up and for whatever reason RW keeps insisting I am uploading to somewhere else. See screenshots! Where does RW get that new… from? It is not in the publishing settings at all.

I found the source of the “new”.site… Site setup.
Host is helping me with the settings. Looks like resolution is imminent
Thank you very much for your help!

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